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Come see and try shooting a gun!


Do you like going to the shooting range or have you never been? One way or another, you should visit the shooting range, which is located in Prague. Many people try many shooting ranges throughout the Czech Republic because they want to try a different environment. That`s why come to the best. You will be pleasantly surprised by both the price and the location, and the selection of weapons is amazing. It is, of course, necessary for him to register or rather make a reservation through the website or by calling the staff.

nabíjení zbraně

If you fall in love with this shooting range like many people before you, you can visit it more often and maybe even agree on a better price than the basic price. Ask the staff. You have the option to choose from several weapons, so choose your favorite. Or do you already have your favorite? If so, you can improve your glass with it or try a new one.

If, on the other hand, you are afraid of weapons, then learning to control them is the best thing you can do. Facing fear is the foundation of getting rid of fear for good. Want to see how others shoot? It`s also a possibility. Try to hire an instructor who will show you how to handle everything.

žena se zbraní

Both women and men shoot guns. It is already a cliché to say that only men can handle a weapon. We have the equality of women and men here. So if you want to come with your girlfriend or boyfriend, be sure to make an appointment for more people. Or you can bring your whole crew or organize a team building. The collegiate shooting benchmarking adventure is very rewarding. You end up with more adrenaline to get a better result.

So enjoy your day shooting at targets and trying out different weapons. Choose and go for it. Why not! Find your passion for guns or face your fear. It`s a great experience. And good luck.